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Descriptive Essay Writing

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Descriptive essay writing is a very complicated task. In describing your subject, you must be very superficial. Being superficial in writing is easy, however, it will be very difficult develop a connection with your readers when you are superficial in the way that you write. The best way to create a connection between you and your audience is by using your five senses. This way, you will be able to create a complete and vivid descriptive essay. Essay Help writing service will also be able to help you do this task easier.

The Five Senses

Your five senses are your best friend when you write a descriptive essay. You must be able to use your sense of touch, sense of smell, sense of sight, sense of taste, and sense of hearing. By using descriptions that came from the five senses experience, you will be able to write your descriptive essay more effectively. You will be able to find some important descriptive terms from Essay Help writing service.


Envisioning your surrounding is an important part in descriptive writing. You must describe with complete details all the places and the characters involved with your essay. Some of the things that you may see are light, texture, volume, shape, and colour. Most action words also came from the sense of sight.


Your sense of hearing is also a very important part of descriptive essay writing. The big sounds and the little sound made by anything in the environment must be included in the descriptive essay. You must learn the terms used for describing these sounds.


The feeling you can be able to feel from your own skin can create a lot of different kinds of descriptive terms that can be used for your descriptive essay. Your hands are the one of the most important parts of the sense of touch.


Your sense of smell can be used anywhere you go. The smell can be related to certain people and places. Take note of these smell and learn the terms for smelling.


The taste is another very important part of the sense of taste.

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